A collaboration with artist Kate Banazi ‘2021.5’ presenting a hybrid sculpture and artwork presenting a physical and tacit documentation of personal experiences during the COVID19 pandemic. Driven by local data of COVID19 case statistics alongside qualitative diaries kept by artist Kate Banazi throughout the pandemic, a bold and striking 1.5m (social distancing guideline) totem sculpture was intricately carved from solid laminated beech acting as a large-scale rolling press allowing the imprinting of graphical lines of both positive and negative data. Pressed onto a linen artwork each line and variation (utilising natural dyes) is printed with a dark wood stain, resulting in (an optimistic) flawed and honest visual depiction of the emotional torrent and experiences of this unique time, one that leaves a lasting permanent imprint. The resulting hybrid sculpture is intended to act as a permanent marker to document and highlight this historic period in time.

Work presented as part of Melbourne Design Week hosted by the NGV Museum and presented as part of group show Community by Alt Material.