Hybrid is an exhibition of new works commissioned by the Powerhouse museum to interrogate the contemporary urban condition and explore the role of the home in 2030. Nine design collaborated with researchers and practitioners from diverse industries to create furniture and objects exploring the rapidly changing global landscape and the most pressing issues of our time.

The SANA collection (taken from Korean ‘to live’) represents a collaboration between industrial designer Tom Fereday + spatial theorist Dr Thea Brejzek. The SANA collection is the first ever homewares collection developed by designer Tom Fereday and was conducted from a research-based approach into wellbeing within the domestic living space.

Material research focussed on natural materials which may be subtle yet retain a high perceived value. The resulting chosen material, solid cast quartz glass was selected for its high degree of optical transparency, natural variation in finish, thermal excellence and overall weight and quality.

The range comprises of bold minimal vases weighted to afford large native plants to be displayed within a small footprint, a collection of small candle lit table lamps offering natural ambience and warmth without use of power and a platter designed to allow for small objects or scented oils.