Crisis Shop

Custom furniture design

Exhibition design collaboration with the Royal College of Art London for Crisis Shop held for the duration of the Milan Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2009 held at the prestigious Seves glassblock showroom.

Sein Stools

Custom shop design

The Sein stool were a simple yet elegant modular stool custom designed to fit within any space/environment.The Sein stool was produced in a limited number of unique colors and finishes and exhibited during the Workshopped programme in Sydney. Manufactured from solid timber and/or timber veneer the Sein stool may be customized to exacting requirements.

Birds Mouth table

Adam Goodrum Design

Design development of the Birdsmouth table for Adam Goodrum. The Adam Goodrum Birdsmouth Table beautifully fuses late 18th Century table design with a Birdsmouth mast mechanism for the leg and drawer handles. Adam was already doing various designs using the Birdsmouth mast mechanism prior to commencing work on Broached Colonial. When he presented the work to the team it immediately struck us as a perfect starting point for a response to the curatorial premise. Lou Weis was reading The Fatal Shore and had just read the section where Hughes declares that England had hoped Australia would be a source of timber for masts and flax for sails – that masts and sails had the equivalent importance to the expansion and maintenance of empire as petroleum and uranium does today.

carousel table

Adam Goodrum design

Design development of the Carrousel table for Adam Goodrum Design. Called Carousel, the table features three circles of coloured dots where the ends of the steel rods emerge from the table's surface.


UniQuest Pty Ltd

Patented solar panel stand