ETO is a unified desk designed to appropriately consider how people work today. The first desk in the world to offer an interchangeable lighting and charging accessories hub, the ETO series considers how people truly work and live. Integrating power, wireless charging and lighting seamlessly into one sophisticated minimal design allowing people to truly customize the table to suit their needs. An adjustable light and wireless charging table can simply be plugged into any leg junction and customised to suit anyone’s needs.

A slim integrated drawer unit offers storage for both everyday desk items such as laptops and stationary alongside the charging table and light accessories allowing for multi-use of the table within the home environment. Including concealed power, USB and cable management ETO attempts to clear the unnecessary clutter of objects and cables normally associated with desks. ETO is constructed from a unique extruded oval profile aluminium frame and finished with FSC rated oak, walnut and black japan veneered table top. The ETO table is the first collection to be launched by Tom Fereday in collaboration with King Living and is available in a range of sizes and finishes designed to suit any home.